Why the Problem with LGBTQ? — Done with Religion

I am certainly no expert on LGBTQ issues but I am one who cares for LGBTQ people. I have seen so much abuse, hatred and discrimination by others, especially by other christian people against LGBTQ. I have seen them treated like second class citizens or worse. I have to say these things should not be.LGBTQ … More Why the Problem with LGBTQ? — Done with Religion

Petition Update

Hey guys! Our petition has not really grown this past month, as we are only up to 22 supporters. This is not in any way discouraging though as we still have other platforms to depend on. However, what seems to be the issue with our lack of growth is that fact that people tend to … More Petition Update

Thank You!

Thank you guys for giving us more signatures! Keep up the good work and don’t forget to tell your friends and family! 😀 ❤ -Ash

This, Right Here, Is My, Presentation

Our presentations are finally here! We’re here to spread awareness and educate people on the discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare environments. We’ve been campaigning for change and to help stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act for around 2 months. Discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare environments may not happen in … More This, Right Here, Is My, Presentation

Blog Update

Our views have gone from 0 views all throughout the past weeks but there has been an slight increase throughout the last week. This rise in viewership can be because of the increased social media activity. Our group has been posting more regularly and there were 6 views yesterday. To continue this and make the … More Blog Update


Proud to accept and be true to and love myself. Remember that there are those who understand and accept me, even through the hate I face. I know that there are stigmas against me, but I will stay strong. Deep down I know I am capable of being happy as I am. Everlasting love is … More P.R.I.D.E