Welcome to My Presentation

Welcome to my presentation guys! This video slide presentation informs others about LGBTQ discrimination and includes an interview from a close friend of mine.


The process of creating our presentation were very similar. In my case, once I decided what I wanted my video to be, I set out to google scholar to find credible sources to use in my video. One I found these sources, I narrowed each one down the the specific part I wanted to use and then I made a layout and decided what images to use. I then came up with a question to ask my interviewee and got a recording of her answer. I then completed my layout I made sure to gather all my sources to include a bibliography. After I finished this, I went to adobe spark and created my video using my images, sources, and audio.

This presentation is very important. It allows viewers to get a better grasp of normal everyday discrimination people of the LGBTQ+ community. It is also a way to inform viewers of a few ways that they could help prevent this from happening.


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