LGBTQ Healthcare

Although the article was extremely informational, the organization could have been better and the source of the citations. For instance, the author could have grouped smaller ideas into one paragraph, rather than seperate ones. The reader will probably have a better understanding of the text and it will be more aethestically pleasing. Additionally, when citing sources, it may be helpful to record the date it was said/done. This gives a better scope on the issue the author is addressing and in turn, it will help the reader understand more.

In opening the division, OCR Director Roger Severino said, “no one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one’s deepest moral or religious convictions.”

Director Severino’s statement is simply wrong. The moment anyone decides to enter the medical field they are choosing to help the sick, regardless of any conflicting personal ideologies. To do otherwise would be to violate their oaths as physicians, disservice their patients, and should be grounds for dismissal.

By: Ruyi

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